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Carousel/Inpendent-arm Machine

Carousel indenpendent-arm rotational molding machine

Fangda Carousel style rotational molding machine was developed to efficiently manufacture a wide variety of rotational molded parts.
With the option of having 3 (three) or 4 (four) arms, the Carousel Series is a very efficient machine in the manufacturing sequential parts in large quantities, it presents up to 20% more efficiency compared to other machine models.

it has a central axis where the arms move in a circular way trought the five stations of the process: oven, over cure/pre-cooling,cooling,loading/unloading andstandby.Each step of the process is performed in a specifc area, thus minimizing the machine downtime. With independent stations, the operator can carry out the services of loading and unloading even as he other arms are in the oven time,cooling,or in any other station. 
The machine arms can be adjusted per production requirement, such as straight arm, L shaped arm, U shaped arm.
The  Carousel machines include many sizes, shown as below: