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Rocking Oven Machine

Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine


Rock and Roll machine can be used to manufacture leptosomatic size and specification porducts.It's less occupied area,high production effciency and easy operation.

■Application:Suitable for leptosomatic products such as medium and large Kayak,trough or manager for animal husbandry.

■Arm type:Assemble with Straight-arm or Ostyle offset arm to choose.

■Arms number:Single arm or double arm can be used.

■Heat Source:Natural Gas,Liquefied Gas or diesel oil.

■High effective and thermal insulated of heating chamber low energy consumption.

■Each work arm runs independently,non-interfering.

■Real-time monitoring the temperature of heating chamber to sure product quality.

■Process formula can be storing,convenient for production management.

■Touch interface with multiple functions is reasonable and easy to operate.

■Breakdown self check,easier maintenance.

■Temote fault diagnosis can be realized.

■Easy to load/unloading the moulds to save both time and effort.

■Fully automatic PLC control system,high production efficiency.

Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine

Rock and Roll Rotomolding Machine