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Shuttle Rotomolding Machine

shuttle rotomolding machine


  FangdaShuttle style rotational molding machine was developed to efficiently manufacture a wide variety of rotational molded parts. it is a dual station molding machine equipped with a central oven. The Shuttle Series work in conjunction with two cars, a central oven and two cooling stations to optimize the highest productivity and give the custumer and economic advantage. This design gives the customer the versatility to continue to run even during mold change over.

  Cars/Arms: The Shuttle machine model has two arms that can be equipped with Straight arm or optional Offset arm "C" , both built with a reinforced structure and heat treated for steel stress release.

  Management Control: The PLC is loaded with a software management control system which gathers information from multiple sensors such as temperature and pressure, installed in various parts of machine, doing all the interlock and control functions of machine operation and providing a specific and concise input to the controller of the gas burner.
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