Fangda Rotational Molding

Yantai Fangda Rotational Molding Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 and covering an area of 30000㎡, is a high-tech enterprise, a national technology-based medium-sized enterprise, a Chinese patent Shandong star enterprise, a municipal scientific and technological innovation exemplary organization, a deputy director of the Rotomolding Special Committee of China Plastics Association, and an influential rotomolding enterprise in China in 2014. Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification.Fangda Roto has developed into a well-known R&D and manufacturing base for rotational molding machine in China, also a leader in the rotational molding equipment industry in China.

Fangda Roto has been adhering to technology as the guide and innovation as the driving force, continuously increasing research and development investment, and achieving fruitful results. We currently have a municipal high-end rotational molding equipment engineering technology research center, with 26 independent intellectual property patent technologies, and have undertaken more than ten national, provincial, and municipal scientific research projects.

Fangda Roto main products include rotomolding machine, molds,pulverizer,mixer, and rotomolded products.Except to provide machine to high-end domestic customers in China,Fangda Roto also export rotomolding machine to foreign countries and regions such as North America (United States, Canada), South America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile,Panama,Ecaudor,Peru, Suriname), Europe (Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Netherland), Australia (Australia, New Zealand), Asia (South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Vietnam, Cambodia,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Arabia) Dozens of countries and regions including Africa (South Africa).Fangda Roto has mature process technology and a complete industrial chain, from rotomolding equipment to molds; We have new technologies and professional teams in the industry, including product research and development design, production and sales, installation and training as after-sales service.20+ years of professional production and manufacturing experience allow us to have a deeper understanding of customers' actual needs and product characteristics,that can better match customer demand.Fangda Roto has successively launched 5 series and more than 10 models, including rock n roll type, shuttle type, independent arm type, and electric heating rotary molding machines, as well as rotary molding auxiliary equipment such as pulverizer,mixers,feeding machines, etc. Fangda Roto machine has advanced technology, energy-saving, and own leading manufacturing concepts in rotomolding industry. With excellent quality and after-sales service, we have won unanimous praise from customers worldwise.

Professional experience in rotational molding equipmentmanufacturing since 2002.
More than 500 sets of rotational molding machine sales and usage cases worldwide.
30000㎡as production base for rotomolding machine,molds and products.
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