Yantai Fangda Rotational Molding Co.,Ltd

Yantai Fangda Rotational Molding Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 and covering an area of 30000㎡, is a high-tech enterprise, a national technology-based medium-sized enterprise, a Chinese patent Shandong star enterprise, a municipal scientific and technological innovation exemplary organization, a deputy director of the Roto...


Due to the current demand for high-quality and mass production in the rotational molding industry, the independent arm type rotational molding machine manufactured by Fangda has been favored by a large number of rotational molding product enterprises due to its rich configuration, simple operation, and high stability.


Fangda shuttle type series rotary molding machines are specially designed and manufactured to solve the problem of stable and efficient production for customers.


The rock n roll rotary molding machine originated from the actual demand for rotomolding products in domestic market, as well as the special research and improvement of the operating habits of technicians; Due to its main characteristics of not occupying space, low investment, fast efficiency, and easy operation, it has been highly praised in domestic market.


The electric heating rotomolding machine is a new type of rotational molding equipment independently developed and manufactured by Fangda, filling the gap in China's rotomolding equipment industry.



Fangda Roto has provided rotary molding equipment to North America (United States, Canada), South America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile,Panama,Ecaudor,Peru, Suriname), Europe (Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Netherland), Australia (Australia, New Zealand), Asia (South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Vietnam, Cambodia,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Arabia) Dozens of countries and regions including Africa (South Africa).

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