Electric Lab Machine
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Electric Rotomolding Lab Machine

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The electric heating rotomolding machine is a new type of rotational molding equipment independently developed and manufactured by Fangda, filling the gap in China's rotomolding equipment industry. This equipment uses electric heating for precise control of the rotational molding process, ensuring optimal distribution of the rotational molding process and materials, and meeting the different needs of customers for rotational molding. The electric heating rotomolding machine has the characteristics of structural safety, reliable performance, convenient operation, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Industry applications

A single working arm that can be straight or L-arm, meeting the precise
processing of small rotational molding products with a size of 1600mm or less,
using electric heating oven.

Electric Lab Machine

Equipment performance advantages

Electric Lab Machine

● This small electric heating experimental rotational molding machine has
two arms and belongs to the shuttle type rotomolding machine, which can be used
to produce small volume rotomolded products.

● There are three workstations, one for heating,one for cooling,and the
other for loading and unloading.

● Available heating source: electric heating

● Control system: PLC programming, capable of manual and automatic

● The equipment has a fault self check function

● The temperature of the heating chamber can be monitored in

● Equipment advantages: stable quality, reasonable structure, convenient
operation, and high efficiency.

● Equipment installation: The equipment can be disassembled and
transported, and engineers will go to the customer's site for on-site

● Equipment warranty: One year warranty for the entire machine, lifelong

Equipment performance advantages


Overall dimension

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