PVC Corousel Machine
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PVC Rotary Tower Type Rotary Molding Machine

Fangda carousel rotational molding machine adopts a fixed working arm to enter and exit the heating chamber, cooling chamber, loading and unloading mold, with automated operation, high production efficiency, and reduced labor costs. It can provide functional upgrades for three arms,five stations, and four arms, six stations. Especially suitable for mass production of PVC rotomolding.

Industry applications

This PVC material dedicated rotary molding machine has three or four arms,
belonging to carousel type rotomolding machine, which can produce various PVC
material products, such as PVC balls, dust removal balls, etc. It has five or
six stations. The workstation before entering the heating chamber is set as a
waiting workstation, and the arm of the waiting workstation moves to the waiting
workstation when the raw material is loaded. After the heating chamber is empty,
the arm of the waiting workstation automatically enters the heating chamber to
improve efficiency and make operation more convenient, High degree of
automation. The carousel type rotary molding equipment has three or four arms
that can carry molds, working in cycles around a central point in five or six
workstations on a turntable.

PVC Corousel Machine

Equipment performance advantages

PVC Corousel Machine

● Product types: Hollow PVC material products, such as PVC balls, dust
removal balls, etc;

● Control system: PLC programming, capable of manual and automatic

● Applicable materials: PVC, other PE, ABS, EVA, etc;

●The temperature of the heating chamber can be monitored in

● Equipment advantages: stable quality, reasonable structure, convenient
operation, and high efficiency;

● Equipment installation: The equipment can be disassembled and
transported, and engineers will go to the customer's site for on-site

● Equipment warranty: The entire machine is guaranteed for one year, with
lifelong maintenance.

Equipment performance advantages


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