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Innovative high-quality auxiliary machinery series.

● High performance pulverizing machines provide basic raw material quality assurance during the rotational molding process. With 20+ years of experience in rotomolding machine manufacturing and 30 years of experience in the rotomolding industry, we will never stop searching for better ways to improve our rotomolding process and quality.

● Fangda FDM-400 and FDM-2-400 pulverizer are trusted and welcomed by a large number of rotational plastic product production enterprises due to their high reliability and efficiency.

● Whether it's harsh environments, whether you need monochrome or color, whether

it's PE or other plastic grinders, we can provide the efficient grinders you expect.

● The following variables are controlled by PLC

● Vibration feeding speed

Motor current at full load

● Grinding temperature

● Vacuum degree in the grinding chamber

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