temperature measurement inside the mold
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temperature measurement inside the mold

Innovative high-quality auxiliary machinery series.

● In mold temperature measurement is one of the necessary auxiliary equipment in rotational molding production. Perfect temperature control is required for heating, cooling, and mold disassembly during the rotational molding process. The temperature measurement device inside the mold continuously monitors the temperature inside the mold in real-time and records and saves it, providing a basis for improving quality in rotational molding production and providing better solutions for the research of rotational molding materials and products. To improve efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce production costs for rotational molding production enterprises and research institutions.

● Multi points measurement, continuous real-time monitoring, convenient installation and operation, and various data reports.

● It can be connected to a computer separately or used together with the PLC control cabinet of the Fangda rotomolding machine.

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