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Innovative high-quality auxiliary machinery series.

● The high-speed mixer is one of the necessary auxiliary machines for the production of the rotational molding process. Provide assistance for different colors and functions in rotomolding. The high-speed mixer can dry and color additives or distribute them into natural powder raw materials for rotational molding. Adopting advanced foreign spiral stirring structure, the entire container has no dead corners, fast cooling speed, clean discharge, and the mixing effect has reached advanced foreign levels.

FDH-100 model, power 11 kW, stirring 400 kilograms per hour. The pneumatic operated discharge door and nozzle make the preparation of multiple batches fast and easy.

High speed mixer has the following advantages compared to ordinary mixer:

● The mixing time is fully automatically controlled by the system

● Improve opacity

● The surface has better brightness

● Has high product strength

● The product has good weather resistance

● Reduce defective products caused by color

● Reduce free pigments on the surface of the product

● Polishing materials to increase density

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